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Sales SuperCharger:
How to Find and Close Business Fast


I want to show you how to supercharge your sales--find and close more deals immediately--that puts more money in your pocket right away.

And you have my personal guarantee that it will work.

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In the first lession you learn:

  • Six ways to increase your commissions
  • What drives sales success
  • What motivates your customers
  • What makes your relationship unique and valuable
  • How to illustrate value to customers
  • Making a mass sales presentation that finds you hundreds of new prospects a month
  • And the opportunity to get a free copy of "How to write sales letters that make your phone ring."

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I’m Mark S.A. Smith and you’ve probably worked with me or an OCE team member recently at one of our training events. If not, Google me.

If you’ll remember, we deliver high-impact sales tactics for high-tech sales professionals that you can use immediately to increase your success.

We hear that people have doubled their business using just a few of our tactics. I know that this stuff works. And I want to share it with you.

More and more of your colleagues have been asking us for additional training to boost their sales success and so that’s what this event is about.

Times are tough. Yes, the economy is recovering, but it doesn’t seem to be recovering fast enough. As one of my mentors pointed out to me, the fastest way out of a financial difficulty is to sell your way out of it. If you’re like most sales professionals I’ve recently spoken with, you’re looking for ways to boost your sales right now.

And I will show you how to do that with the Sales SuperCharger™ teleclass. Recorded live from a ten-week teleclass, you can listen to the replays anytime you want and get email access to me to answer your questions.

Specifically designed for IT sales professionals who make face-to-face sales or tele-sales professionals who want to expand their skills to face-to-face selling, here are some of the step-by-step action plans that you’ll learn:

  • How to find customers who have money and are willing to spend it today
  • How to get appointments and make them stick
  • How to get conversations with decision makers, those with check-writing authority
  • Discover how to amp up your sales presentation so that it compels your customer to take immediate action
  • What to say to the decision makers that gets them to open their checkbook for your projects
  • How to perform sales “triage” identifying who to spend time with and who you can safely ignore
  • Why today buyers ARE liars and how to uncover the real truth
  • How to shorten the sales process by shortcutting or eliminating the steps that slow it down
  • How to bust the budget and price objections and turn them into a positive
  • How to position your company as the “go to” partner so customers are calling you
  • How to make mass sales calls, where you’re making a compelling presentation to 15, 30, 75 buyers at a time, substantially increasing the number of customers literally in hours. You’ll learn at least three ways that you can do this. And you could do this as soon as next week.
  • How you can prospect potentially hundreds of buyers in a couple of hours and get them to take your call when you phone for the appointment
  • How to leave voice mail messages that get buyers to call you back with orders
  • How to take business from your competitors without slashing your prices or giving away the store
  • And there’s more, lots more. But you get the picture.

You’ll get ideas that you can put to work immediately that impact your sales success the very next day.

And I guarantee it!

Here’s my promise to you, over the next ten weeks, you’ll put in your pocket at least ten times your investment in this teleclass or I’ll refund your money. You have 90 days to decide.

I actually expect that if you commit to implementing the ideas I’ll give you, you’ll make 100 times your investment in the next six months.

This class is worth at least $495 if you consider the cost of other sales training programs. If you came to one of my live events, you'd pay at least this much.

Yet I want you to get your sales supercharged right now so I’m offering it to you for only $195. I changed my mind... I want you to have it for $37.00. I suggest you grab it fast before I come to my senses.

So what do you get for that? All of the ideas above, my personal guarantee that you’ll increase your commissions by $2,000 in the next ten weeks or your money back. And there’s more…

For signing up today, I’ll include these extra bonuses that you can use to get started right now boosting your sales.

Bonus 1:  "How to Get into the Executive Suite" video course that shows you how to sell around and through the IT department. $49.00 value.

Bonus 2: "How to Demo to Close Business Now" video course that shows you how to turn a demonstration into an on-the-spot close. $69.00 value.

Bonus 3: "The Ten Things Most Companies Do at Trade Shows and How to Avoid Them" audio course to help you find business at local business trade shows. $39.00 value.

Bonus 4: "How to Get Local Speaking Engagements" audio course so that you can position yourself as an expert in your community and rapidly expand your business. $49.00

You’ll get immediate access these bonuses worth $206.00 when you enroll today. Click here to securely sign up now.

Now you might be thinking…

This all sounds great, Mark, but I’m skeptical.

I understand. Yet if you think back to the OCE events that you’ve participated in before, you’ll remember that we pack our sessions full of ideas that you can use immediately.

I personally guarantee your satisfaction or I’ll refund your enrollment fee, and you still keep the bonuses. You have nothing to lose and immediate sales to gain.

Or you might be thinking, I don’t have $195 $37 on my credit card. You really need this program and right now! Beg, borrow, or steal (not really) the $195 $37 knowing you’ll be able to pay it back in a few weeks, or I’ll refund your money.

Or you could be thinking, “My boss won’t pay for this.” Don’t do this for your boss. Do this for you! I’m not guaranteeing that your boss will make more money, I’m guaranteeing that YOU will! Besides this is a tax deductable investment in your future prosperity.

I know that this program isn’t for everyone. It’s going to take some work.

Yet I guarantee that it will be totally worth your time! If you consider that I’m asking you to invest 10 hours at $20 per hour to learn from me how to immediately increase your sales. And in return, I’m guaranteeing that you’ll increase your commission by $2,000. That means that you’re getting paid the equivalent of $200 per hour. Can you bill any of your customers for that rate?

You’ll receive more details when you sign up today. Click here to securely sign up now.

I can’t wait to share these ideas with you!

Click here to listen to the first class at absolutely no charge.

Mark S.A. Smith

Co-Founder, Content and Delivery
OCE Inc.

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